About Us

    1. Business competitiveness


Software is one of the most important of our differentiating factors and therefore we continue to place increasing focus on the software content in new products in order to deliver extra value. We believe that increased software content will further differentiate our products and our customers’ products as well as improving the robustness, flexibility, and integration ease of our solutions.


In addition, we believe software developed by us using our development tools, increases the likelihood that customers will continue to use our products in future designs. Will help enable us and our customers to quickly create differentiated products with a variety of engaging features.

Lower Cost Solutions:


Price is clearly an important consideration for our customers. the cost of the device is largely determined.


Just like any purchase you might make in a shop, our customers also expect the very best in technical and customer support for products they buy from us. our customers has always prided itself on providing the very highest level of support to our customers in order enable them to quickly obtain the highest quality solution for their customers.


This commitment to quality by providing high levels of technical and customer support is particularly important where we are pursuing opportunities in new markets. We believe that this enables customers in these new markets, who may not be as familiar with our solutions, to efficiently and effectively integrate our solutions into their devices. We also help them by providing application and engineering support at global locations, thereby enabling us to best support our customers in a timely manner.

    1. Quality policy & objectives

At I.Tech Plus quality comes first and our quality try to meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. All our employees are involved in the ISO framework which leads to continuous improvement in all areas of the company. It also encourages our employees to be creative individuals by establishing a climate that fosters teamwork and continuous improvement in quality, service and effectiveness.


It is our policy that all personnel receive the necessary instruction and training for the implementation of the company’s policies and procedures. Management is dedicated and committed to this quality system.

At I.Tech Plus we believe that quality is measured by our ability to deliver products that meet the standards our customers demand. Our quality system readily detects and controls any non-conformities should they occur.


Our emphasis is on quality, service and cost. Our staff know and understand that without the full cooperation of the entire team it is impossible to meet our objectives. We consistently address our objectives while treating our customers, employees, suppliers and regulators with dignity and respect.